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Our Garden

Seasonal Update - September

The summer bedding is on its second flush but I think there are a few that have been battered too much by wind and rain.   Whisky Mac Rose has had some great blooms while the Glenfiddich Rose although numerous blooms they have been small.  Gaps have been filled in on the main border with Salvia, Sedum and Anemone to see us through to the first frost.  All the trimming from pruning is currently been shredded then used back on the garden as mulch.  Next years spring bulb display has to be decided in the next couple of weeks so the bulbs are here ready for planting in October.  Cut flowers have done well so far but the slugs and snails have enjoyed dahlia and Alstroemeria.  The gladioli are just starting to form flower heads so all being well will be cut flowers for September - November.  If I am lucky I may even be able to make an entry in Dufftown Flower show in mid September with them.  There will be a good crop of plums but some more sunshine is required to ripen them.  Very nice for breakfast!  As ever you can always rely on the weeds!

Highland Spirit Bed and Breakfast garden is always changing.     We aim to have a least something is colour all year round.  This is a challenge in Dufftown although it may be wet or very dry we also have the wind to contend with.

Snowdrops are followed by crocus, grape hyacinth, early, late and double headed tulips in a variety of colours, primroses, drumstick primula and of course not forgetting the daffodil.  There are some Balvenie daffodils which flower in May.

By May providing we have not had too much snow, a late frost or the deer over indulging the perennials will be showing healthy signs of growth.

The rhododendrons are in full bloom late May and into June.  New ones were planted in 2017 so an even better display is expected in the coming years.

Whisky Mac roses were planted as bare root at the end of 2016.  They come into flower in July and also have a lovely sent.

Lavender and Buddleja are attracting the bees in August and September.  Last year I was sure it was the same 5 bees that came back every day to the lavender in the stone trough.

Summer bedding  is often petunias and antirrhinums lasting well to the first frost.

In autumn the copper beach tree puts on a magnificent display. The dog wood loose, their leaves but leave behind red and green stems. The sedums are still flowering and when you go out first thing in the morning the bees are still sleeping on them.

In November new Spring bulbs will be planted and of course the leaves need to be gathered for leaf mould to be used in the garden in a few years time.

In December Helleborous come into flower and continue to do so for many months.

This is just a little taste of what our garden has.  We hope you will be able to come and stay at Highland Spirit Bed and Breakfast and see for yourself.

The last word is left to weeds as they can be found in the garden whatever time of the year!

We hope you enjoy our garden and any tips are always welcome.

Green Ethos

Here at Highland Spirit we do our bit to help the environment:

  • Food miles are kept to a minimum using local shops where possible.
  • Our food is well managed so nothing has to be thrown away.
  • We make compost from the fruit peelings, teabags, coffee grinds and garden waste including the leaves.
  • Packaging, glass & plastic bottles, tins, newspapers, cardboard, and bags are all recycled. Please leave them next to your bin for us to recycle.
  • Change from plastic to wooden cotton buds.
  • Karen will line dry bed linen and towels. Scottish weather dependant of course.  Towels and bed linen are not automatically change.  Please leave your towels in the shower if you wish them to be changed.
  • All our appliances are A rated and above.
  • Low energy light bulbs are used. Lights are switched off in rooms when not required.
  • Our lamp post lights on the drive all use solar power.
  • The walls and the roof have been insulated.
  • Optimal heating and hot water systems have been installed.
  • Our log burner burns left over whisky staves and compressed shavings from the vat making process. The ash is then returned to the garden.